The investment specialists at VC Group believe that a great investment strategy relies on adhering to a set of core business principles:

  • Excellence in investing – this includes carefully choosing companies that deliver the best return without commensurate risk. Although we endeavour to invest in businesses that will provide superior returns, our focus is on protection of capital and superior performance when the market experiences a downturn.
  • Proprietary, in-depth research – general investment information has its place, but gaining a ‘knowledge advantage’ requires a dedicated team of highly skilled specialists who can uncover credible information to support their investment strategy. Our team members apply their intricate market knowledge to help them identify potential investments with superior returns.
  • Commonality of interests – our investors come first. Our team pays scrupulous attention to avoid potential conflicts of interests and our fundamental operating principle is to treat all of our investors equally.
  • People focus – looking after our investors is paramount to our success, but so is a harmonious workplace. That’s why our team is rewarded with employee-stock ownership and participates in a profit-sharing scheme.