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VC Group - Finance and Accounting Services is an Australian business with roots in Sri Lanka and India. Access our Accounting and Finance Teams based in Colombo and Mumbai, we take pride in handpicking top-tier talent specifically for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Whether you are seeking to build a high-performing Finance team or find the perfect candidate for a specific role, our process begins with our Australia-based team reaching out to you to discuss your requirements. Subsequently, our experienced operations team in Sri Lanka will conduct a thorough market analysis to identify the ideal CPA qualified professional for your business.

We take an active and hands-on approach in facilitating, educating, and streamlining the process of recruiting Finance and Accounting professionals through our well-established operational structure. Our goal is to simplify your experience and ensure a seamless integration of talent into your organization.

What We Do

Bank Rec

Bank reconciliations are a critical aspect of financial management for any organisation. From gathering data, and transaction matching to identifying discrepancies to reporting, we provide end-to-end managing of this function.

P & L

Management accounting is a vital process for businesses to make informed financial decisions. We offer end-to-end management accounting services, including analysing financial data, preparing budgets and forecasts, conducting variance analysis, providing performance metrics, and developing strategies to optimize profitability and growth.


We provide a range of services around the compliance of your business or your clients from the preparation of BASs, Payroll Tax Lodgements, PAYG & SMSF.


Payroll management is a critical function for any business to ensure employees are accurately paid on time. We offer end-to-end payroll management, from collecting and verifying employee time data, calculating earnings, and processing payments, to ensuring compliance with tax and employment regulations and providing comprehensive reporting.


Effective management of accounts payable and accounts receivable is crucial for maintaining healthy cash flow and financial stability. We provide end-to-end management of these functions, including recording transactions, reconciling accounts, issuing invoices, making payments, and collecting receivables, to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Month End

We offer end-to-end management of the process, from collecting financial data, closing accounts, and analysing transactions to preparing financial statements and reports.

Our recruitment process:

Our recruitment process starts and ends with your needs in mind. Once we clearly understand the scope of assistance you require, we can attract and recruit the right talent for you. Our 5 step process is summarised below:

Understand your needs:

The first step is all about you. We spend time to understand your technical requirements and then proceed to recruiting the right talent to help your business.

Attract the right talent:

We go to market leveraging strong ties we have with leading recruitment consultants. We put together a list of top candidates and then conduct a thorough screening process.

Testing of technical knowledge and expertise:

All selected candidates are required to undergo software specific code testing which is assessed by our leadership team.


All successfully tested candidates then proceed to carry out a Technical Interview with our leadership team. Our aim here is to understand their application of engineering practices and principles, and standards around documentation. Last but not least, all candidates are shortlisted again to ensure an appropriate cultural fit.

Selection process

It’s now time for you to get involved. You’ll meet a few candidates and select the right people to join your team.

Security & Data Integrity offerings

Procedures in place uphold information security standards set by the Information Security Steering Committee

Routine risk assessments & audits performed with detailed mitigation plans

Security & Data Integrity Offerings

  • Predefined process for background checks for all candidates
  • All staff required to sign NDA and Anti-disparage agreements
  • Procedures in place uphold information security standards set by the Information Security Steering Committee
  • Routine risk assessments & audits performed with detailed mitigation plans
  • Correct measures in places to be compliant with ISO 27001

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