As a business, sometimes the most difficult thing to manage is your cash flow. Financial rollercoasters cause undue stress and this means you spend less time growing your business.

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Supply chain finance

Supply chain finance allows suppliers access to favourable debt-free financial options without the need for real estate security. This market-leading funding solution lets you pay your suppliers early and improves your bottom line and allows you to take advantage of supplier discounts. This means you save thousands of dollars every year. Features of supply chain finance include:

  • Payment-term extensions of up to 90 days
  • No non-utilisation fees
  • Availability of a rebate option to reduce your payables
  • A quick set up – it only takes 5–7 days
  • A secure invoice processing platform
  • Available for use with domestic or overseas suppliers
  • Optional for both supplier and customer
  • Works alongside other financial software products

Trade finance

Trade finance gives you the option of paying your domestic or overseas suppliers before you have received the goods and without the need for a letter of credit.

Access to a trade finance facility allows you to:

  • Keep your orders moving
  • Pay before goods are shipped
  • Extend your credit terms up to 150 days
  • Make deposits and pre-shipment costs

Contact VC Group to discuss new trade finance options specifically for imports from India and Sri Lanka.

Invoice finance

Invoice finance is a simple, fast and flexible financial option that you can use to smooth unexpected cash flow bumps or to take advantage of business opportunities. This funding option is simple to set up. You don’t need real estate security and it doesn’t have an impact on your banking facilities. First-time approval for the release of funds occurs within 24–72 hours and after that, ongoing transactions are processed in as little as four hours.

You can use invoice finance for:

  • One or more invoices – it’s up to you
  • Invoices valued for $5000 or more

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