About VC Group

We exist to bridge the gap between the East and the West. We connect successful businesses and individuals with asymmetric growth opportunities by accessing untapped marketplaces for human capital and commercial deal making in emerging markets.

Our team loves what we do. Providing ethical and strategic market-driven thought-leadership to individuals, companies and governments through a network of trusted, experienced professionals is the cornerstone to our business.

People are at the core of our business. We recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion. Empowering women and minorities in the workplace and community is fundamental towards building strong economies, ensuring a more stable and just society, and achieving sustainable development for the local community. We strive to eliminate gender pay gap and with a vision to develop strong female leaders across our business.

It is our belief that every commercial relationship needs to be built upon initiatives that support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with emphasis on Human Rights and Climate Action. We are also involved across a variety of initiatives locally to ensure we consistently give back to the community that supports us.


People who have spent their professional careers crafting the skills that you need to take your business to the place it needs to be.

Partners and Advisors

Daks Gunaratne

Managing Partner

Iwantha Lekamge


Mark McCammon


Chas Gunaratne


Sarath Udugama


Mark Pimenta

Manufacturing & Market Entry

Vishwaijith Patel

Manufacturing & Market Entry

Scott Amberly

Grants & Tax offsets

Shaun Ryan

Amazon Strategy

Chris LeBon

International Logistics


Research & Analytics


Researchd & Analytics