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Capitalise on growing South Asian economies and favourable demographic headwinds

VC Group’s competitive advantage pivots on highly experienced and professional investment and research teams. Along with a unifying investment philosophy of risk control, consistency and specialisation, and our core business principles, supplement our commitment to investing excellence. Our teams achieve this goal by undertaking proprietary in-depth research considering overall economic and political outlook of the region and underlying marcoeconomic principles.

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Core Services

Macroeconomic Research:

Analysing the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and legal (PESTEL) factors affecting a region or a country

Industry Research:

Providing clients with detailed insight into various factors affecting a particular sector, including industry drivers, growth potential, risks, challenges and opportunities. Our current team has expertise in the Media, E-commerce, Logistics, Retail, FMCG, Healthcare, Diversified Conglomerates & Oil & gas sectors

Equity Research:

Analysis market forces - competition, new entrants, suppliers, customers and substitutes. Analysis of internal position of the company - financial performance, growth opportunities and risks for both listed and private companies

Financial statement analysis

Detailed analysis of listed or private companies’ financial statements, segmental performance and ratio analysis. This includes looking at WHY a company’s performance has changed over time, from information gathered from a company’s annual report, investor presentations, press releases, published news and internal data provided by the company

Financial modelling and forecasting

Building financial models for companies – including detailed profit and loss statements, balance sheet and cash flow statements, detailed revenue and cost drivers, ratio analysis and forecasting of future revenue, profit and cash flows. This can be done for both private and public companies and usually accompanies equity research of public companies

Company valuation

Carrying out detailed valuation of a company using methods such as discounted cash flow, market multiples, fair value etc

Management and replace with Financial Writing:

Core services include assistance with report writing (sector and company reports), annual report sections of listed companies, company investor presentations, and company profiles. Other written work includes article writing for blogs, social media and websites, newsletters (compiling news and writing news articles), internal company presentations and editorial work

Product Research

Analysis of the of the overseas market for a particular product or a service, report will comprise of competitor analysis, price points, barriers to entry and recommendations on market entry strategy

Small and medium enterprises

  • Companies looking to cut down costs by hiring an offshore research teams or accounting, finance teams
  • Companies that require research to be conducted on a new market they plan to enter
  • Start-ups who need to build detailed business plans and financial projections to attract investors

Consulting firms

  • Additional remote resources for research teams
  • Assistance on individual research projects
  • Sector and Industry expertise

Securities companies

  • Assistance in equity research
  • Industry reports
  • Financial modelling, valuation and forecasts

Research firms

  • Assistance on individual projects
  • Provision of resources to build remote teams

Venture capital firms

  • Research on industries within our sector expertise

01 Sector Expertise

  • Technology
  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Consumer and Retail
  • Banking
  • Diversified conglomerates
  • Media

02 Investment Philosophy

By its very nature, providing investment management services carries an inherent risk. To mitigate this risk, the team at VC Group looks for investment management strategies where the potential for reward outweighs the risk. Our investment philosophy aligns with three pillars of risk control, consistency and specialisation.

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03 Investment Principles

The investment specialists at VC Group believe that a great investment strategy relies on adhering to a set of core business principles.

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