By its very nature, providing investment management services carries an inherent risk. To mitigate this risk, the team at VC Group looks for investment management strategies where the potential for reward outweighs the risk. Our investment philosophy aligns with three pillars of risk control, consistency and specialisation.

  • Primacy of risk control VC Group’s investment goal is superior performance with less-than-commensurate risk. Although there is a level of risk involved in investing in emerging markets, our experienced team have processes in place to minimise these risks. We believe in a robust and exhaustive due diligence process to choose investments where the returns outweigh the losses. Above all, so you can reap the rewards, our investment specialists place the highest priority on preventing losses.
  • Emphasis on consistency VC Group primarily invests long term in privately held companies, with access to capital markets and real estate opportunities as a secondary focus. When investing, our team takes into account the broader macroeconomic factors that may influence a region or country. Consistency in investment results in a driving force that informs our strategy. Our belief is that a superior investment record is built on a high batting average rather than the fluctuation of top-quartile results in good years and bottom-quartile results in bad years.
  • Benefits of specialisation Our team specialises in discovering the best unlisted companies in the Indian and Sri Lankan markets. Companies listed on the stock market are often too illiquid for a sizable investment and may be state-owned, which means they are not a good investment prospect. The ability of our team to discover the newer, unlisted businesses gives us a heads-up when it comes to seeking superior returns for our investors.