How we are providing you solutions

  • Dedicated offshore TECH and FINANCE teams
  • IT and Cybersecurity experts
  • Build your own AI team
  • Tech venture ecosystem and VC fund

Building World-Class Teams for Your Success Fast-Track.

Finance Solutions

VC Group Finance and Accounting Services specializes in scaling businesses and delivering effective solutions. Partnering with our fully managed service model enables you to focus on the growth of your business, whilst we ensure the end-to-end delivery of your accounting & finance function. Leveraging the world's second-largest market of Chartered Accountants, found in Sri Lanka, we partner with some of the Top 100 accounting firms in Australia along with some household brands in accounts and finance management.

With over a decade of combined experience in the industry, we understand WEB3, Blockchain and Crypto and the complexities of the rapidly evolving digital landscape we operate in. The exposure we’ve had to the complex transactions that occur within this space ensures that we have a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies in this space.

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Technology Solutions

VC Group Technology Services specializes in mobilizing highly skilled agile technology teams for businesses at various levels of maturity. Our model deploys a dedicated team of software developers/IT personnel to scale your business at speed.

This model has proven highly effective and a cost effective strategy for medium size businesses looking to grow.

Our highly experienced teams based globally work in unison to facilitate, educate and simplify the process of building a high performance offshore team.

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VC Group Investments and Advisory work closely with entrepreneurs and ventures in the technology space that have a vision to disrupt traditional value chains and concepts. We support these projects through every stage of the start-up lifecycle and create commercial connections with other ventures in the ecosystem.

Our experienced team can guide you through all aspects of scaling your venture, from AI, blockchain, launching your NFT, valuations, fundraising and more.

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Access Control

Connect, delegate & collaborate with any number of virtual team members, whilst maintaining company data fidelity. Whether a solo employee or you need a complete team, with our open & easy to understand procedures and full-stack security, Outdesk is your solution.

Best-in-class “zero-trust” software and best-practice identity verification and access management protocols, the data you need to be kept secure stays secure. End-to-end encryption and fully managed online desktop environments mean you can rest easy knowing your information is in safe hands.

Advanced Cloud Security

Office desktops are vulnerable to cyber threats and data breaches. They need constant protection. Any malfunction in your local systems or laptops can cause a loss of critical business data.

Outdesk’s DaaS solution means that your data is protected under multiple layers of security safeguards, such as OS patching, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS), TLS 1.3 and 256-bit data encryption, along with best practices for ransomware and DDoS protection. Since your data is secure and protected in the cloud, any threat to an end-point device will not result in data loss.








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